Amorfia chapter 2

Movements without an end. Actions without any determined form or finality. The improvisation space is organized in such a way that every change on one item call other changes by other items. Sounds and lights are manipulated by the stage movements using no-imput mixing through photo- sensitive hand-made circuits. Changes in lights produce changes in sounds and the movements play in between these relations. Finally the body is not in itself anymore. Rather it becomes something else and appears like a cut in the space, changing the lights and sounds that sorround it. My masked body becomes my instrument to change the space and interact with it. We try to pervert this poor instrument and play it to its limits, where it’s weak and wide open.


STAGE INFORMATION: Performative space 5×5 mt. wide minimum, not on stage. We perform in front of a wall using it for the super8 film projections and the space just in front of it for the performance. The room must be completely dark. The two walls for the projections must be monochrome (better if black or white) For a better vision the audience must be close to us.

INFRASTRUCTURES: 3 little tables approximately 0,40 mt high and 0,40×0,40 mt. wide 1 stool approximately 0,40 mt. High 2 electrical outlet 1 halogen spotlight with 3 meters cable

SOUND: mixing desk with 2 jack cables from the performative space to your mixing desk 2 DI (if possible) 2 loud-speakers suitable for the dimensions of the room ( we will bring with us 1 super8 projector, 2 audio mixers, electrical and audio cables, 2 small amplifiers and 4 small loudspeakers to be used in the performance)

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