EXPANDED CINEMA NIGHT at Ventaglieri 76A – 25/06/2019 (start h. 21.00) – with Blau Peru by LAB0D0BLE (Praga) e Tiziana Salvati A/V solo liveset


Labo Doble 76 web

Mercoledì 25 giugno 2019

dalle ore 21:00

a Via Ventaglieri 76A, Montesanto, Napoli

una nuova serata dedicata al cinema espanso


con il live audio video di Lab0d0ble da Praga ed il solo di Tiziana Salvati,oltre a cena e bar, questo il programma della serata:

– BLAU PERU, 1970

A/V performance di Alexandra Moralesova e Georgy Bagdasarov (Labodoble, Praga)

“Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second.” J-L. Godard

1970, Blau Peru is an attempt to “develop a film picture”, to wake up a potential story, and to initiate research. We work found footage material. To invoke the moving picture an 8mm film viewer is used. To spread the picture on screen there is a video transfer and due to that kind of digital remediation the material comes to transubstantiation and turns into a “spectre”. Those spectres are then forced to dance with prepared gramophone and so transfigure one of thousand possible stories that found footage material can.


George Bagdasarov was born in Kazahstan in Armenian family. Started to study Cybernetics at Technical University, continued with Composition at Music Academy in Moscow and finally graduated Film School in St. Petersburg. Started music carrier as guitarist in psychedelic punk band, developed through conceptual techno to free improvisation based on the stuff collected on flea markets. Played and recorded in different collaboration with jazz, noise, electronic, etc musician R. Deutsch, J. Noetinger, Y. Mashida, LEs Halmes, Dill, Yutaka Makino, DJ Sniff, N. Rubanov, Fitz Ellarald etc. Currently lives in Prague and is finishing his Ph.D. at Film Academy (FAMU) being involved in wide range of collaborations from punk-blues to audio visual noise performance. In solo performances he plays saxophone and prepared guitar with support of flea market’s orchestra.

Alexandra Moralesová was born in Prague and still lives there. She studies on Film Academy in audiovisual department (FAMU, CAS). Interested in film footage and performance she initiates different image-moving projects and musical collaboration. The main motif of live performance is remediation of existing material (for example 8mm film, photography, diary and correspondence) and de/construction through various ways of showing it.



audio video mixing,, liveset

live set,manipulated audio.video,expanded cinema,feedbacks and cathodic tube alteration


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