07/06/2017 ANALOGICA selection tour in Napoli at ARKfilmlab

Mercoledì 7 Giugno, ore 20.00 al TERZOPIANOAUTOGESTITO saranno proiettati i film della selezione 2017 del Festival Analogica di Bolzano (film sperimentali e documentari girati su pellicola – più giù il programma completo)

Il festival ANALOGICA ha avuto le sue prime edizioni a Roma nel 2011 e 2012.
Dal 2013 si sposta tra le Alpi del Sudtirolo.

è un festival di tecnologia analogica promosso e ideato da Resistenza Analogica come naturale seguito ed evoluzione all’esperienza delle tante proiezioni portate avanti negli ultimi anni. E’ un festival che si svolge tra settembre e ottobre e presenta una selezione di:
cinema: pellicola super8/ 16mm
fotografia: scatti analogici e camera oscura
musica: DJ sets analogici (vinile e/o audiocassette), musica live con strumenti elettronici analogici.
è un’occasione per avvicinarsi alla tecnologia analogica, che sia super8, fotografia o suono. Scoprire nuove (vecchie) forme di sperimentazione e riutilizzare materiali non controllabili, che resistono all’avvento standarizzato del digitale. Vuole anche essere un punto di incontro e di amplificazione per tutto ciò che c’è ancora di analogico nell’aria, che siano festival, eventi o progetti. è un punto d’incontro per appassionati, per sperimentatori, per ricercatori dell’emulsione e della tecnologia lenta.

è un festival gratuito e autofinanziato.


program / 60′ NAPOLI // 7 giugno
In Light, In! / Ken Paul Rosenthal / 12′ / 2014 / Found Footage / USA

A haunting, visual essay about the awkward and angry junctures where our culture struggles to manage its emotional distress. Images recycled from 1950’s-era educational films are accompanied by original compositions by world-renowned cellist, Zoe Keating. Ken Paul Rosenthal is a cinema artist and mental health advocate whose current work explores the geography of madness through the regenerative power of nature, urban landscapes, home movies, and archival footage from social hygiene films. His films are visually sensual, emotionally intelligent works of art that also function as tools for personal and societal transformation.

On ira à Neuilly inch’allah / Anna Salzberg & Mehdi Ahoudig / 19′ / 16mm / 2015 /France

We hear the first strike of young workers from Velib, the Parisian rental bike company. We hear them learning how to drive and organize a demonstration, with the typical language of African working-class areas. We see Paris in black and white, in early morning with only few people on the street, in a long and slow, never ending travelling from the outskirts to Velib headquarters in Neuilly.

Over&Over / Michael Fleming / 8′ / Found Footage / 2016 / the Netherlands

A 35mm found-footage hand-manipulated collage film focusing on the depiction of fear and revenge seen in commercial cinema. Manipulating our fear of mortality, it suggests we decimate what threatens us. The surface of the film material has been treated in the same way: peeling, scalping, cutting, and burning the image.
 Michael Fleming is a visual artist and a VJ. He ‘paints’ with manipulated film and found footage from kitsch, cult and news broadcasts. Fleming has shared his work on festivals, in clubs, during live performances, in galleries and several museums all over the globe.

San Guerrero / Jeff Zorrilla / 3′ / Super8 / 2015 / Argentina

A short Documentary about an American ex-pat who lives in Buenos Aires and works as a city tour guide during the day and a sexual tour guide during the night. The film was first short on vision 3 negative super 8 and then refilmed we color reversal super 8 from my computer screen so that I can project it live. It is a first glimpse of my full-length feature called Monger. Jeff Zorrilla was born in 1984 in the United States. He studied film at the University of Santa Cruz (California, USA), and the University of Copenhagen (Denmark). He currently lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s directed numerous short films in Super 8 which have gone on to play in festivals in Cannes, La Paz, Montevideo, Taipei, and New York.

Les Châssis de Lourdes / Rhayne Vermette / 18′ / 2016 / Found Footage / Canada

“…while many architects through their time have sought a ‘true house’ or a ‘true architecture’, their truth was something of the past and not so true in the present […] here architecture is a child of the sea, arose from its substance…” — Gio Ponti Following a departure from architectural academia, Rhayne Vermette (b. 1982, Notre Dame de Lourdes, MB), structured her practice within constructing images. Self-taught, and under the influence of post-war Italian architects, Rhayne is rooted in notions of decadence and the indeterminate. Favouring forms of moving image, her 16mm experimental films have screened across the globe including the Architecture Biennale, Images Film Festival, E.M.A.F, etc. etc.


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