23/06 PORTRAITS a new film performance by 70FPS will be premiered at INDEPENDENT FILM SHOW -Napoli

PORTRAITS, the new super8 film performance by 70FPS will be at INDEPENDENT FILM SHOW , Belvedere Museo Nitsch (vico Lungo Pontecorvo 29/d, Napoli) on thursday 23 /06 – h.21.00

A double screen super8 projection in which sounds are produced by the difference of contrast between the images on the films. The super8 projector, the film and the image are used as instruments to produce and modify in real time the light and, using some self-made photosensitive sound devices, the sound. Flat-printed and hand-processed super8 films are prepared to be used in a multiple projection at different speeds. The projectors and their internal mechanics are also used as sound producing objects in relation with voice and electroacoustic stuff.

portraits prova3.1

I’m trying to reflect on memory, actually my visual memory of my friends faces and movements. The film materials and the process of images creation gradually deteriorate… what remains of the images are some sort of ruins that eventually shine in my mind and produce noises….



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