70fps – CAMPO CATODICO new release out now!

I’m really happy to announce the first release by 70FPS on tape:

Copia-di-70fpsdef70fps – CAMPO CATODICO

c22 – edition of 50

Released by Archivio Diafònico

side a 10:18

side b 11:00 listen excerpt

Recorded in Napoli in April 2015 by Andrea Saggiomo

Mastered by SEC_

Sound and light are intended as a matter to continuously manipulate and shape, in a perpetual and mutual modification: any action on a device produces a modification on the others. Old cathode tube TVs and a video mixer enter a feedback machine between images and sounds and are used as instruments to produce and modify in real time the light and, using some self-made photosensitive sound devices, the sound.

Il suono e la luce vengono intesi come materia da manipolare e formare continuamente, nella perenne modificazione reciproca: ogni intervento su uno strumento produce una modificazione sugli altri. In questo set una vecchia televisione, una telecamera ed un mixer video entrano in un sistema complesso di feedback fra suono e luce.

Campo Catodico (Cathodic Field) is the first audio-only release from this artist, or more exactly the first release in which the visual and projective dimension, strongly involved in the composition, is taken apart: the inextricable chain of references and two-ways signals between devices generates an ideal space of cathodic energy,  filled with electric frequencies and mutual coexistence of light and sound. (Archivio Diàfonico)

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