FLAT-PRINT workshop by Etienne Caire at ArkFilmLab – Napoli – 17/18 Giugno 2014

FLAT PRINT workshop

17 – 18 June 2014 @ ARK-FILM-lab TERZOPIANOAUTOGESTITO, Napoli Palazzo Gravina – Via Monteoliveto 3

FLAT PRINT workshop run by Etienne Caire aka RIOJIM (FR) ….how to make 16mm home-made copies….

Using reversal process with print films we are going to learn special tricks in order not to make “same as the original” copies, rather “new originals”.

INTRODUCTION TO THE WORKSHOP –Differences between shooting emulsion and print emulsion. –What is b&w reversal process. –Set up of the lab for flat print. –Exposure of the film and processing b&w –Practice of flat-print and discover the enormous potential of creativity allowed by this process. –How to load a 16mm projector and screening.

Students should bring their own footage to work on. Positive footage is best but it can be negative also. 2-3 meters of film can be enough for loops work. But the student should not bring footage, neg or pos, if it’s the apple of their eyes. because there will be scratch on the film.

We will work with b/w ORWO PF2 and color AGFA CP30 print films

4 students maximum

cost for one student: € 15.00


Riojim runs the Atelier MTK in Grenoble – France, where he teaches DIY film processing, contact and optical printing and editing. He is particularly attracted to abstract animation, the pleasure of physically modifying images on the film via twisted and other chemical treatments frowned on by professional labs. He pushes the possibilities of the emulsion to the edge. The material produced in the laboratory becomes a work of improvisation integrating all the parameters of projection. By means of prepared projectors, he applies severe treatment to the projector and plays with the film and the homemade optical sound on film to create a real visual music. It is natural that his art culture and sensibility turn him toward the practice of improvisation which he understand as a quick and profound reaction to events where each performance is constructed for a particular time and place. Citing Jim Denley, he also believe that exploring the moment of creation – when an idea, feeling or gesture is first expressed – is to take part in the most exciting adventure possible, not only for the artist but also for the audience ! As a member of Atelier MTK he is deeply engaged in sharing film processing knowledge and tools, open to collaborate with artists who consider the lab as a field of experimentation and research. Also he’s regularly invited to organize workshops in schools, universities and with artists groups. These workshops can be as simple as “making films without camera”, or it may be a collaboration with artists who want to start their own lab. The base of workshop is to explore and practice ideas around creative processing, projection space, projector manipulation, camera-less film making, optical sound…with 16mm film.

E-mail: riojim@free.fr Website: filmlabs.org, vimeo.com/riojim


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