SUPER8 film workshop in Napoli – 29/30 Maggio 2014

super8 workshop.ita


29-30 May 2014 h. 15.30  at ARK-FILM-lab 

TERZOPIANOAUTOGESTITO, Napoli Palazzo Gravina – Via Monteoliveto 3


SUPER8 film workshop

run by Andrea Saggiomo 70FPS

.how to shoot and process super8 films….

A practical introduction to the use of b/w super8 mm films and to the practice of film-lab as a time and a place of improvisation and experimentation


1st day: SHOOTING

  • introduction:
  1. the super8 film
  1. the super8 cameras differences between them and how to use them
  • we’ll go shooting kodak tri-X around Napoli
  • we’ll come back to the laband start processing the films
  • how to load a LOMO UPB 1a developing tank


  • introduction: the reversal b/w process
  • processing our films
  • editing and screening our films

4 students maximum

cost for each student: € 12.50



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